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Welcome to Word Garden Studio - a place of hope and encouragement in the form of cards and other pretty paper goods based in Stokesdale, NC.

My creative journey started when I was a child but like many people I thought I "grew out" of art, until I became a mom and found that creating filled me with life and energy in a season when those two things were in short supply!

It took me some time to realize where I fit creatively and what my favorite inspirations and ways to create are but I'm learning more and more to embrace the unknown and to just enjoy the journey!

Currently my favorite things to make are greeting cards (little powerhouses of encouragement!) and practically limitless potential content!

In fact one of my favorite gifts is to send (or receive!) a handwritten note in the mail. I still have some I received decades ago!  

As I get older and the world changes more and more I find myself drawn to simpler ways of life and making cards that bring joy and encouragement to others puts a smile on my face too!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Lauren

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