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Warfare in the Garden

My friend Kristain hosts these monthly worship nights. We gather to fellowship, worship, and pray together once a month at her house.

At one of these nights recently, a friend came over, led by the Holy Spirit, and prayed for me. I didn't hear what she prayed, but shortly after the prayer, the Lord gave me a vision. It really impacted me and I wanted to share it because I don't think the revelation is just for me.

[There's just something about an image - whether we see it with our eyes or just in our mind - that can speak in a powerful way that sometimes words alone cannot.

I guess it's why Jesus often explained the principles of the kingdom through parables.]

But back to the vision.

God and I were in a garden, and out from the left side, the enemy came with his soldiers. As they approached, we mounted our horses and went to fight the army.

We were defeating our enemy, but then found ourselves face-to-face with the head of the army, which I knew was Satan.

Everything kind of paused as God turned to look at me, and I know He's issuing me an invitation: to cut off the head of the enemy with my own sword.

It was like He was saying, "You know that I'm strong enough to do this for you, but do you know that YOU are strong enough to do this for you?"

After my victory with the enemy, I then find myself in front of a crowd of people and I stood there with the realization that my victory was somehow now their victory too.

I think the significance of this vision is that sometimes God wants us to get the victory ourselves (while other times He fights for us). He does this to give us greater power, authority, and influence so that we can then release the same victories in other people's lives that we ourselves have gained.

Is there an area of your life that you're awaiting victory? Maybe God is giving you the chance to pick up your sword and find out how strong YOU are!

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1 Comment

Jan 20, 2019

SO encouraging!!!

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